Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Since 2005 I have been active in the mental health field through a mix of clinical work, teaching, and research in employment and degree-related positions first as a behavioral scientist (MPH), then as a masters level therapist (MA), and now as a clinical psychologist (PhD). Prior to that, I was involved in a mix of business/marketing and family/caregiver roles.

For a little over a decade, my work was full time at local universities (Emory, Georgia State) and medical centers (Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta VAMC). Then, in 2016, I began my private practice and began to split my time between providing psychotherapy and consultation through practice while supervising students in training to become licensed psychologists and taking on adjunct teaching roles at my alma maters.

In each role, I have enjoyed working with others as they learn more about the mental health field and specific mental health concerns they, their loved ones, or their clients/participants/patients are dealing with. I also value greatly the collaborative nature of my work with students, clients, and colleagues, and am fortunate that I continue to learn and grow while we work together.

​Sandra M. Goulding, PhD, MPH, LLC