Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Behavioral Scientist, and Educator

​Sandra M. Goulding, PhD, MPH, LLC 

Life is a journey...a series of expected and unexpected experiences resulting from decisions made by us ourselves, by others, or by internal or external influence that can seem beyond our control. Sometimes we benefit from having someone who will hold space for us to process, learn, and grow from them. That can be true whether we are anticipating one, going through one, or have already been through one.

As a psychologist in private practice, I hold space for people struggling to manage stress, dealing with difficult or complicated life transitions, concerned about mental health status, and/or attempting to deal with a trauma history. Clients include those addressing concerns of their own or their loved ones, including licensed professionals and professionals-in-training who also hold space for others.

As an integrative clinician I believe that psychotherapeutic intervention is not "one size fits all" and make use of a variety of techniques to meet the unique needs of the people who invite me to work with them. We collaborate as a team to identify goals and steps to meet them in a way that is client-centered, strengths-based, and trauma-informed.

While this site is dedicated to being compliant with ethical standards for the information that needs to be provided to clients seeking psychotherapy, you are welcome to reach out through the contact form on theCONTACT/PORTALpage to find out about any of the roles I occupy (e.g., clinical and research instructor/mentor/supervisor/consultant).