Licensed Clinical Psychologist

​Sandra M. Goulding, PhD, MPH, LLC 

Since 2005 I have been involved in mental health with a mix of clinical work, teaching, and research in employment and degree-related positions first as a behavioral scientist (MPH), then as a masters level therapist (MA), and now as a clinical psychologist (PhD). Prior to that, I was involved in a mix of business/marketing and family/caregiver roles.

For a little over a decade, my work in the mental health field was at local universities (Emory, Georgia State) and medical centers (Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta VAMC). Then, in 2016, I opened my own private practice and psychotherapy became the largest focus of my work week. I also provide supervision for clinical psychologists in training and teach in adjunct roles at Emory University.

In each role I occupy, I truly enjoy working with others as they learn more about the mental health field and the specific mental health concerns they, their loved ones, or their clients/participants/patients are dealing with. I value greatly the collaborative nature of my work and continue to be humbled by the fact that I too learn and grow as we spend time together working on and toward their goals.