Sandra M. Goulding, PhD, MPH

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Since 2005, I have enjoyed a mix of clinical work, teaching, and research through employment and degree-related positions at Emory University, Georgia State University, Grady Memorial Hospital, and the Atlanta VAMC. Currently, I spend about half of my hours working in private practice and the other half working as an instructor and/or research psychologist. Trained as a scientist practitioner, my clinical practice, teaching, and research are continually informed by each other.

My doctor of philosophy degree (PhD) in psychology was earned through the Department of Psychology at Emory University, with pre-doctoral internship completed at the Atlanta VAMC and post-doctoral fellowship fulfilled at the Mental Health and Development Program in the Department of Psychology at Emory. Prior to that, I had earned a master of public health (MPH) in behavioral sciences from the Rollins School of Public Health.  My bachelor of science in psychology was completed at Georgia State University.

I truly enjoy working with clients, patients, research participants, and students as they learn more about the mental health field and specific mental health concerns that they, their loved ones, or their own clients/participants/patients are dealing with. I also value the fact that I can learn something from each of them while they are learning with and from matter how little or how much time he/she/they/ze spends with me.